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02.06.2007, 00:21
Nemesis 1.02 dm600pvr

Team Nemesis-Project: Gianathem, Verbatim, Mej, 3mendo, Bati®
Technical Infos:

* opendreambox v 1.4
* Enigma of: 10.05.2007 (fix Gianathem)
* Linux version 2.6.12
* GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS 1.1.0
* Web Interface: 6.0.2-Expert
* Busybox 1.01
* Tuxtxt v. 1.99

for use in multiboot in USB, NFS, CF or flash

Function Buttons:

BLUE - Nemsis Panel
* BLUE > 1s - ECM INFO
* 2x BLUE - Addons
* YELLOW – Plugins
* YELLOW > 1s – EMU - CS Info
* RED - EPG list for active channel
* 2x RED - EPG style menu
* GREEN – subservices
[font=Book Antiqua]


* Nemesis Manager 1.0.2
* Nemesis Manager in italian & English
* Independent Start & Stop
* Advanced Inadyn service configuration, with log manager
* Advanced external programs control
* Can start / stop your own binary by panel (see /var/etc/sample_startup.sh)
* Can create your own autostart boot script (see /var/etc/sample_startup.sh)
* Support for gSUB via advanced external programs control
* Advanced User Script
* Can run script in kernel mode
* Automount (see /var/script/mount.sh)
* Advanced System info (see /var/etc/script.xml)
* Advanced *** info (see /var/etc/emuscript.xml)
* Parental control shortcut
* Nemesis news
* MediaHighwayEpg
* emm, ecm support

Display Function:

* Army normative supported
* Display Snr, Agc, Ber
* Display video info
* Display frequency, polarization, symbol rate
* Display *** in use
* Display service providers name
* Display CaID, ProvID, PID
* Display Decoding Source (you can hide if you want)
* Display DC as IRDETO in OSD
* Display long date format


* Advanced addons Manager
* Internet addons download with Proxy support
* Manual addons install
* Remove installed addons

No ****, No *** included

With the Nemesis you can unload through Internet addons (the lawyers) puttinges on hand from Genesis, for who was obviously not satisfied of our tastes the image is planned so as to to be able to insert in var/etc rows formed unix that the link will be called extra.url containing of your personal serveur HTTP, the format of the recognized rows the Nemesis will have to be .tar .bz2 rinominati then in .tbz2, in the menu will join automatically a voice as you can see from the photo under:

Genesis and the Team Nemesis-Project has decided that the sources of this image will be, to short, Publics, the only tie (if therefore it can be called) is that the customers that will use our sources develop their job in our forum and that in the info of the eventual images from produced they comes evidenced that the sources are of the nemesis, obviously is not obligates to you but to we it would make very it appeal to that 2 small regolette since no team till now has supplied them, for the furbastri were respected these since there are always you know that anytime we are in a position to seeing if an image has been made using our sources. Clearly, for obvious reasons, we will not supply support for sources, if not in way much limiting

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