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10.10.2007, 15:31
Dm600pvr Enigma2 TestImage of 071008


Now with many improved functions.

Added Quick Buttons :-

Blue -> Extra Setup
Yellow -> Plugins/Games
Red -> Record
Audio -> Audio Options

Also Menu button -> Main Menu -> Extra Setup

Extra Setup includes :

Emumanager :-

Enigma1 emus can be used. Ftp emu binaries to /usr/bin and conf files to /etc or /usr/**** as necessary. Emu start and emu stop scripts to /etc/emus (see examples in image). Reboot, and any emu can be run or stopped from the setup window. The emu will continue in future bootups until stopped.

New - view ecm.info. Added current emu window.

Crond :-

Edit by ftp the crontab file (in /etc) as usual with time and command etc. Start Crond from setup window and reboot. An example crontab is in the image which will create a folder cronresult in /etc. Crond will run after future reboots until stopped.

Inadyn :-

Edit the file inadyn.conf in /etc with your inadyn info e.g. usrname, password, alias. The example file is for the dyndns.org setup.

Telnet command > /usr/bin/inadyn --h for other options. Inadyn can be started and stopped from the setup window and will run after future reboots until stopped.

New - view inadyn.log.

pmt.tmp :-

The image is set to include pmt.tmp in /tmp from start. If any emu start kills it, it can be restarted from the setup window. Check pmt.tmp window.

Skins :-

Default Skin improved. Skin dreamTV added.

Screenshot Tool :-

"Grab" included. Telnet command > /usr/bin/grab for screenshot as .bmp. Telnet command > /usr/bin/grab -h for more options.

Special thanks to :-

Cassiopeia2000 and gutemine for advice and Adga for suggestions and testing.

All log files can be found in /tmp.

No emus or **** included.

Have fun.

Thanks to the autor !

http://rapidshare.com/files/61565706/600pvrS_E2_Testimage_071008.nf i.zip