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08.12.2007, 02:25
The Original PLiŽ Iolite suite contains the following images:


See below for what's New, Fixed & Features since PLiŽ Helenite Final

Or have a look at the MovieClip on PLi-images.org... or at YouTube...

- Swap support for DM500 added

- CVS Repository 21 Nov 2007
- PLiŽ Repository 04 Dec 2007
- 28 Nov 2007 Drivers for DM500Plus and DM600
- Shuffleplay for MP3, MPG and JPG added
- Make Web-X-TV obey 'zapstream' setting
- Genre colors now as small bar
- Now/next updates in the OSD fixed
- Show Event Info instead of EPG selector, when info is pressed in the Filemode service selector
- Show Extended EPG Info at the bottom of the serviceselector screen
- 16bit Picviewer for DM600 and DM500Plus added
- BEV EPG support fixed, a BIG thx to updatelee
- DISH EEPG setting now also controls BEV
- Blindscan support for DM500Plus and DM600 added
- Section timeout fixed (fixes various EPG issues)
- 'Remove all new found flags' option added
- 'last scanned' services ordering fix
- /var_flash was not mounted after a Flash Erase on the DM7000 fixed
- Give the CDK boxes their own hosts file for SMB to work
- Newsticker in StopMode fixed
- The DM500, DM56xx and DM7000 have the same mount points as the newer Dreamboxes like DM600 and DM7020. Harddisk, USB and CF are mounted on /media/hdd etc. External mounts are mounted on /media/server1 etc. Just as in the DM600 and DM7020, there are still compatibility links to /hdd and /mnt.
- Improved and restyled Web-X-TV
- Title tags for Web-X-TV added

- CVS Repository 06 Dec 2007
- PLiŽ Repository 04 Dec 2007
- Wraparound in Menu's
- Basic PPanel support
- Zap with PIP
- USB stick automount
- Immediately save changes in Timer List
- Dream keyboard support in text config items
- Support for relative skin coordinates ( 'c' and 'e' )
- Console 'close on success' in several install screens
- Console scrolls to the bottom as new text arrives
- Initializing / Formatting Compact Flash card fixed
- Dutch frequencies in terrestrial.xml added
- Frisian language added
- Stay in plugin install screen after install, for faster installation of multiple plugins
- Fixed showing 'West' satellite names and positions, in Satellite Channel Selection screen

IPKG Packages available on the OpenEmbedded images:
- Openssh added
- Openvpn added
- Gdb added
- Lame added
- Ctorrent added
- USB2Serial kernel drivers for the DM70x0 and DM7025

Enigma2 Plugins:
- NFSserver
- Mountmanager (based on Ronaldd's code)
- Bitrate Viewer
- RSS Reader
- Lipsync Adjust
- Antilogo
- Softcam Setup incl. CardInfo
- Nano Editor
- Tuxterm uses an US keyboard layout

- Fixed streaming over Wifi
- Fixed 'no audio' bug
- Configuration file support added (/var/etc/zapstream.conf or /etc/zapstream.conf)
- Audio channel priority added
The preference language is read from the following source. In order of importance:
1) The 'lang=Eng' or 'langpid=0x5c' parameter in the url
2) Zapstream.conf
3) The enigma config file

- New Enigma1 skin widget: 'prov_name' for the providername
- New Enigma1 skin widget: 'softcam_info', it shows you the ECM info, example:
<eLabel position="49:30" size="250:18" font="def;18" foregroundColor="tekst" backgroundColor="mainBgColor" name="softcam_info" />
- New Enigma1 skin widget: 'date' (like time)
- Enigma1 skin: the datestring can be configured for the OSD, example

<value name="date.format " value="X" />

Via the value "X" the time can be shown in several ways depending your 24hour or USA (AM/PM) timesetting.

X in the OUS way:
0: Mo, 24 Jan
1: Monday, 24 January
2: Monday 24-01
3: Monday 24.01
4: 24-01
5: 24.01

X in the USA way:
0: Mo, Jan 24
1: Monday, January 24
2: Monday 01-24
3: Monday 01.24
4: 01-24
5: 01.24

X + 8 will show you the year extra, example:
9 OUS: Monday, 24 January 08

X + 16 will show you the full year extra, example:
17 OUS: Monday, 24 January 2008

- Updated to version 3.5.2

DBEPG plugin:
- Channels.dat updated
- 'assies' as Dutch xmltv provider added (wolf seems to be down for a long time already)
- DBEPG, rt_uk script: Download latest channels.dat to current channels.dat location, instead of /tmp

- Online update support (IPKG feed) for OpenEmbedded boxes (DM500Plus/DM600/DM7020/DM7025)
- Global satellites.xml updated 22 Nov 2007

Many low level changes fixes and other updates...

Download aus der DBF-Database http://www.dreambox.info/dreamboxdb