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10.03.2008, 10:36
Here is my latest CVS Image.
Enigma is of 09.03.2008
Enigma Plugins are of 30.01.2008
the drivers are of 28.11.2007
kernel 2.6.12r5, secondstage loader 53
Changes at oe:
own bootlogo's, artwork by clumsy
change of dccamd start
not included, can be installed online
.pmt patch
nfs server
this image is updateble with the Itsy Paket Manager via internet!

OE Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION = "1.6.8"
OE_REVISION = "format_version "1"
new_manifest [000000000000000000000000000000 0000000006]
old_revision [f6a9247074c19fe0dc47200e631e82 de8d2bbb27]
TARGET_ARCH = "powerpc"
TARGET_OS = "linux"
MACHINE = "dm600pvr"
DISTRO = "opendreambox"
TARGET_FPU = "soft"
md5: d1b406fc6aed6650745d07f3377a0e 8a

Download DBF-DATABASE --> http://www.dreambox.info/dreamboxdb/