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24.03.2011, 16:34
Enigma2: Release 3.1 DM800SE

Machine: Dreambox dm800se
Date: 20110323
Issuer: Dream Multimedia
MD5: 716e7110e4403cec0bc237ff0b9802 b4

enigma2 (20101216 rel30 -> 20110321 rel31)
Added support for m2ts files
Fixed restart of files after end of file
Improved seek forward/backward in TS recordings

Fixed crash when calling plug-ins requiring a service list (e.g. (Graph-)MultiEPG) from PVR playback mode
Fixed crash on startup with unfeasible timers (i.e. timers of removed or disabled tuners)
Fixed sorting of timer list (don't move disabled timers to end of list)
Timer sanity check fixes
Fixed invisible bouquet/provider names on LCD/OLED in service list
Changed partition layout to improve performance of hard disks with large sectors (4K)
Clear LCD/OLED on shutdown

Fixed some incorrectly displayed texts on Polish channels

Implemented new PluginDescriptor option "needsRestart" to define whether a plug-in needs a restart of enigma2 after installation
Added DMM award winner plugin to image (bouquet/parental editor in web interface)

Added /proc/bus/nim_sockets to crashlogs

Added DTS-HD -> DTS conversion (for pass-through)
Increased automount timeout
Fixed inversed logic for WPA2 vs. WPA/WPA2
Use zeroconf only as fallback when no DHCP server or static IP address is available
Updated enigma2-plugins to 2011-03-18 (rel31)
Updated enigma2-skins to 2011-02-27 (rel31)
Fixed installation of downloadable kernel modules
Use local time zone for FTP server

Linux kernel
Added support for Realtek 8712U-based wireless LAN USB sticks (802.11n)
Fixed booting from FAT filesystems

secondstage loader
Improved USB support
Improved compatibility with strict web browsers

hardware drivers (20101215 -> 20110309)
Added support for two vtuners
Use LinuxTV API dvr devices instead of proprietary pvr device(s)
Fixed a small PCR problem
Fixed small demux bug to prevent packets from previous running service in recorded TS stream
Reentrancy fixes in demux and video/audio clip mode (fixed sporadic kernel oops)

http://www.dreambox.info/dbinfodb1.gif (http://www.dreambox.info/dreamboxdb/thread.php?threadid=3034)