Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : VTi "Vu+ Team Image" - v. 8.2.x - 03.04.2015 (Vu+ Solo SE)

24.05.2015, 06:37
Important Information 14.05.2015

After updating from software dated before 2015/05/14 the tuner setup have to be repeated when unciable is in use.

Update: 14.05.2015

- update drivers (2015-05-11)

fix tuner status information
fix loop through(solose v2)
fix Scart (duo2)

- update dvbapp2 (2015-05-12)

fix line break at TTX subtitles
fix possible crash in networkwizard
do not allow duplicate entries in zaphistory screen
add JESS support by adenin (2015-04-21-adenin) -> THX @adenin
add animation setup to start wizard (solose,duo2,solo2)
change default animation to "simple fade" (solose,duo2,solo2)

- update VTIPanel (ver. 3.01)

VTi ZerO: add option to remove xbmc (solose,duo2,solo2)
VTi ZerO: speed up removing of packages
SoftwareManager: ask for skin selector after installin a skin
SoftwareManager: ask for reboot only when needed

- update AtileHD (ver. 3.0)

add function to search for weather location
split Atile HD in skin and plugin package

- update meta-package nfs-server (ver. 2.2)

fix broken install routine
switch to rpcbind

- update plugin coverfind (ver. 0.9)
- update plugin filebrowservti (ver. 1.3)
- update plugin PictureCenterFS (ver. 6.10)
- update plugin PlanerFS (ver. 6.54)
- update plugin tmdb (ver. 0.5)
- update plugin WebradioFS (ver. 13.14)
- update skin BlackWhite FHD (ver. 1.9)
- update skin BlueWhite FHD (ver. 1.4)
- update skin Full HD (ver. 2.9)
- update skin Revolution FHD (ver. 1.8)
- update skin White FHD (ver. 1.7)

DOWNLOAD (http://www.megafileupload.com/Fpx/vuplus-image-vusolose-20150512194357_vti_8-2-1_usb.zip)