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31.12.2015, 17:21
Date: 2015-12-30 23:50
Enigma2: 3.999git20151231-r9.0
Distro: opendreambox 2.0.0
Machine: Dreambox dm800se
MD5: 6478be8fb4010222879ae6c076aa69 66
SHA256: 71e99cbdcd8c729691adcc8f26c23c cb55dc967c5680700cc5ccb8ed50c0 063b

enigma2 20151202 -> 20151230
- dvbnamespace is now always 0xFFFF0000 for DVB-C and 0xEEEE0000 for DVB-T (compatible with OE2.2)
- fixed possible crashes / endless loops on title change in mediaplayer
(introduced in 20151202 tarball)
- fixed possible crashes on try to play unaccessible mediafiles
- fixed possible deadlock caused by media subtitles
- fixed audio/subtitle selection on movie playback with players opened via mainmenu
- better compatibility with external plugins which patches the ChannelSelection
- fixed crash on non driver based cable transponder search
enigma2: fixed binary compatibility with closed source plugins again (broken in 20151230)

Download (http://www.dreamboxupdate.com/opendreambox/2.0.0/images/dm800se/dreambox-image-dm800se-20151230.nfi)