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    Standard Coolstream HD-1 Original Firmware 20.06.2010 v 1.81

    The software is divided into three pieces

    mtd0.img == bootloader
    mtd1.img == kernel
    mtd2.img == filesystem

    Initially, go into /etc/init.d/rcS file and hash the line so that Neutrino will not start:

    from: /etc/init.d/start_neutrino
    to: #/etc/init.d/start_neutrino

    You can save the file and reboot the box

    Connect your computer through the RS232 and run the HyperTerminal (standard settings with 115200 bps speed). Once the box is booting, click [enter] on the keyboard so the booting process will stop

    you'll see:

    Now you can change the boot arguments:
    HD1>setenv bootargs console=ttyRI0 mtdparts=cx2450xflash:512k(U-Boot),4096k(kernel),28160k(sys temFS) root=mtd2 rootfstype=jffs2 rw mem=384M
    and hit [enter]

    now turn off the bootloader protection:
    HD1>protect off all [enter]

    You can run the system:

    After a while you'll see the prompt on the console. Now you can copy the mtd0.img into /tmp folder using the ftp connection
    When it's done, type on the console
    #eraseall /dev/mtd0 [enter]

    Now we're waiting until erase finishes and hit:
    #cat /tmp/mtd0.img >/dev/mtd0 [enter]

    When it's finished, you can reboot the box. After the reboot you have the prompt once again and you can start the next copy of mtd1.img and mtd2.img into /tmp folder

    #eraseall /dev/mtd1
    #cat /tmp/mtd1.img >/dev/mtd1

    #eraseall /dev/mtd2
    #cat /tmp/mtd2.img >/dev/mtd2

    When it's finished, you can reboot the box and should see the "start wizzard"

    Please note that changing a bootloader is a CRITICAL operation and shouldn't be done by unexperienced people. The situation is as with Kathrein UFS910, so if you accidentally remove the bootloader and don't update it, you will have a problem - the box will be useless

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    Standard Coolstream HD-1 Original Firmware 20.06.2010 v 1.81

    Software Update Wizard - Agreement

    Do not perform updates using any data other than the official update data from our website.
    Using Software Updates You expressly acknowledge and agree that use of this Software is at
    your own risk.
    In no event shall Coolstream LTD be liable for any damages whatsever.



    This release will upgrade your Kernel on first boot if not already done!!!
    Please dont power off your receiver bevore Upgrade is done!

    - aac record playback for movieplayer
    - some fixes for FP driver
    - First Setup changes
    - improve Updates check

    Coolstream HD-1 Original Firmware

    Dreambox 7020HD E² Merlin3 OE2.0

    Dreambox 800HD E² GP3
    Dreambox 7000S Gemini 4.7
    Ist Es nicht So Schwer Drücken Button Danke sagen

    Dreambox Beginner oder neu hier im Forum? -> dann bitte hier lesen!

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