Installation of the Midnight Commander 4.1.40-pre9 on CoolStream HD1
For the Norton Commander Fan's!
Connectet you via FTP and copied to the CoolStream mc_coolstream.tar.gz
to / usr. Now it logs you via telnet (I take a putty) on the CoolStream and changes with the command cd / usr / usr / ins / directory. Unpacked her the package with the command tar xzvf mc_coolstream.tar.gz, you can delete after the unzip the package with
rm-f / usr / mc_coolstream.tar.gz
Now you can start entering mc Midnight Commander!
I may prefer it in black and white, if you want some color in the file must
/ export usr / bin / mc entry # TERM = vt102 and Comment
export TERM = xterm-color commenting.
Since I'm not a programmer, excuses are not so great syntax in wrapper. For me it works on jedenfall. Have a mistake somewhere when compiling in there had to be terminfo (now from mc in / home / y / install / lib directory expected), but am just computer technicians and a bit  neutrino crazy!
Suggestions for improvement, I am grateful.
Mc If you want to have completely erased.
mc end of F10, then
rm-rf / usr / local
rm-f / usr / bin / mc
rm-f / usr / bin / mcedit
enter, that was it.
Have fun!
Greeting Brevheart