New PLi@Jade3 skin ViP_Validator2 Cccam2.2.1 by hicham

Peace and mercy of Allah and his blessing

First, was launched from three serious wear one of the strongest images Dreambox, and you have added the knife from your amendments, and given to him ViP Validator 2 as a noun, since it is an extract of the knife earlier you produce it ...
Will be very brief
And give them the most important amendments is

- You merge three copies of the Imo CCcam (away from the space var) Alamillo work with directly, and copies are:

1 - Merge Emo CCcam 2.2.1 (away from the space var)
2 - Bilgin Cccam info (away from the space var)
3 - Arabic, English and French integrated manner with the ability to download any language from the server's
4 - Bilgin new Found Cleaner to delete Altjbp sign in front of the channel (away from the space var)
5 - Bilgin Cryptinfo (away from the space var)

6 - Bilgin inadyn configuration (away from the space var)

7 - Bilgin Minicat *** updater to download the latest **** from the net without trouble (away from the space var)

8 - Cccam activated immediately after the terracing on the device is just enough to add your cccam.cfg to server in the path var / ect and would operate channels
9 - merge **** bouquets TNT and Austria sat + ORF
10 - update frequency and speed the search
11 - change the image of off wonderfully
12 - abolition of property MHW EPG is not Althnic
13 - turn off the automatic search feature
14 - change the knife to the original splendor ViP Validator 2
15 - change the view of channels by pressing the help button, such as Humax
16 - register by clicking the radio and then help
17 - delete the files that others Zerorip Mnconha cause slow in the image and update the overall image to become the fastest and coolest
18 - var-free space 84%

Image can be passed to Dream Up and Flash, and also visited FLASHWIZARD


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