Coolstream-neutrino ~reloaded~ Release vom 06.02.2011 für ZEE / HD1 / NEO

Basierend auf 1.96 SVN 1114


Support of the TD-remote, Nokia dbox2 remote control
Set the CPU frequency in the standby (.Thanks. .bazi98.)

Pin code and the award for unintentional use of the box

Improved card configuration: There is only the map to select the required distinction cable box / SatBOX continue distinction HD1 (1Cardreader) NEO / ZEE (2Cardreader)
new maps: K02

Setting HomeCS on Flex Menu

Improved backup system in two media at the Box (HDD, flash drive): Selecting storage media for:
* Movie recording / playback
* Backup directory (reloaded)
* Swap (logos, applications ect.)

Formatted your media automatically from the Cooli
For USB flash drive: just a list FORMAT-S
HDD: simply a list FORMAT-H
create in the root directory. Box will automatically reformat to

* ntfs-media

Re-install applications on Flex Menu> Manage Packages

mfg cogan