Date: 2014-04-22 17:33
Enigma2: 3.999git20140314-r9.2
Distro: opendreambox 2.0.0
Dreambox dm500hdv2

MD5: 3af439cf8e66693bb213bbb87ea2da 6f
SHA256: 1686abe92a7eac727e294f3a1db27b 1cb6cf6d6ac6ddba68453de4b72d12 28be

enigma2 (20130613 -> 20140314)
- improved storing config files on write-back enabled filesystems (UBIFS, EXT2, EXT3 ....)

- fixed wrap when hitting down on last selectable item with only non-selectable items following
(fix for graph multi epg)

- fixed possible crash on record stop

- just warn when eTimers/eSockeNotifiers are stopped from wrong thread

- added Unicable LNB GT-S3SCR4 (thx to f_brandt)
- added Unicable Support for Jultec JPS0501-8

- only show valid FECs in manual scan (DVB-S2 QPSK vs 8PSK)
- fixed possible crash in blindscan
- fixed abortion/ending of service scan

- fixed bludisc-player close
- added /media/net/bludisc to bludisc-player pathes

- allow to change channels or open channellist with visible error popup

- enigma2 will now boot into idle mode on automatic recordtimer wakeups
- changes for easier timer wakeup detection in plugins
- added a more easy way to detect recording timer wakeups
- added handling for invalid system time when booting up to standby

- added virtual/faked subservices for some HD services
(for some broken cable providers "legacy virtual subservices mode" must be enabled in usage config)
- let subservice numbers start from 1 .. because 0 is used to zap between previous two services (subservices quickzap)

- fixed background and selection pixmap rendering in config lists
- fixed possible crash on subtitle delivery when 3rd party skins don't define some
mandatory values
- added "HasSubtitles" converter option to ServiceInfo skin converter

- DVDBurn: fixed bludisc and DVD audio track language selection

- fixed CEC poweroff message on enigma2 shutdown (deep standby)
- dont send CEC poweron message on automatic timer wakeup
- CEC: dont send poweron command when a idle mode request is pending or idle mode is active
- dont send CEC poweron on idle to standby transition
- CEC: broadcast system standby instead of sending it only to the TV (fixes AVR's not turning off)

- UPnPMediaRenderer: fixed log spam
- UPnPMediaRenderer: some picture display improvements (fixed TV-Picture showing between two pictures)
- fixed some upnp issues (special char/umlaut issues, servers not showing up, minor fixes)

- changes for cleaner shutdown
- fixed rare crashes on shutdown
- some stability improvements

- added AC3+ support
- extend pid cache for audio types other than AC3 and MPEG
(required to store last selected AC3+ or AAC audio tracks)

- fixed size of channel selection display settings screen
- show picons and additional line in favourite mode only, always show channelname in all services, satellites and providers mode
- servicelist sorting speedup by factor 2.6 (switching between bouquet and all services list is now faster)
- fixed BlinkingLabel (thanks to Kashmir)
- added a ServiceInfo converter workaround for types based on evVideoSizeChanged- virtual subservices bugfix for cable
- new skin option: progress_pointer
for using a horizontal pixmap-progressbar with a different ending (e.g. -------------------------O)
I am using ePositionGauge for that scenario and taking care of the size of the special picture-ending
<widget backgroundColor="background" progress_pointer="Vali.HD.warp/pgpointer.png:13,0" position="90,674" render="PositionGauge" size="880,13" source="session.Event_Now" transparent="1" zPosition="9" >
<convert type="EventPosition">Gauge</convert>
--> the attrib of the bitmap is the size of the special ending, that means for the example that the ending of the pixmap with the special graphic has a width of 13 pixel.
- some small changes to improve list displaying with hd skins (thanks to zombi)
- added translations for months and days (thanks to merlin team)
- changes to support picons for remote services (partnerbox)

- added possibility to rename services/markers and bouquets via channelselection context menu

- added possibility to receive epg data via TS streaming (not used by our soft yet)
- fixed possible epgcache crash
- fixed now event epg query when no next event is available
- fixed a possible crash caused by plugins which doesn't check the return code of startTimeQuery..

- fixed endless loop caused by wrongly encoded service names on 10E 11221V 27500

- fixed possible crash on screen close
- fixed possible ConfigLocations crash (typo)

- speedup storage-manager
- fixed incorrectly set harddisc idle time on HDDs detected by hotplug
- small storage-manager fixes
- storage-manager changes
- added "eject" option to storage-manager to allow for safe removal of harddiscs/storage devices
- removed duplicate choices in storage device hotplug popup
- fixed occasional failure when trying manually mount a storage device

- added changes needed since default ConfigPIN is 0000

- fixed crash on end of servicescan
- dont lookup other transponder SDT during service scan by default
add a (expert) config option to reenable it (imho its needed for dish network scan only... but breaks service descriptions on some other satellites)

- teletext subtitles changes by Arvo J�rve (thanks for that!)
- add fallback handling to detect subtitle language for providers which not correctly implement the national option subset in the page header
(fixes subtiles on some baltic countries)
- added cyrillic charsets
(e.g. fixes teletext subtitles on russian services)

- small mediaplayer position query fix
- fixed memory leak on TS streaming from network sources
- fixed possible crash when skipping forwards/backwards with DVB subtitles enabled
- added some audio/video type extensions to mediaplayer
- fixed subtitle synchronization (was broken on skip fwd/bwd since MKV deadlock fix)
- fixed deadlock on jump forward/backward in MKV files

hardware drivers (20130607 -> 20131228)
- added DDP aka AC3+ support (downmix, real passthrough or AC3+ to AC3 convert)
- fixed retune on signal loss for cxd1981 tuner (DVB-C/-T hybrid)
- improved demux stability

- updated default transponder / service lists
- updated translations
- improved flash rootfs stability
- fixed moscow timezone support
- fixed bootproblems when a box have many bad sectors
- improved dvd read performance
- updated linuxkernel to 3.2.56
- add support for non LC-profile AAC audiofiles/-streams
- added support for pre-VC1 WMVA videofiles/-streams
- fixed dvdplayer plugin dependencies
- fixed bludisc authoring a bit
- added support for ca certificates to glib networking
- fixed dvdburn plugin dependencies