Media Player2 plugin mp2 v0.57 @ subssupport 1.5.0

mediaplayer2 0.57

fixed GS on "Add files to playlist" instroduced by 0.57 version issue#66

don't interfere with standard mediaplayer
We were intentionally removing standard mediaplayer from main menu and replacing it with mediaplayer2 if setting "replace default mediaplayer in main menu" was enabled. Better way is to only add option to just show mediaplayer in main menu without removal of standard mediaplayer from it. Standard mediaplayer has its own setting to be removed or shown in main menu, so no need to do this from other plugin.
allow open plugins from extensions menu (blue button)
Now it's possible to open any plugin which is added to extensions menu, while in mediaplayer2
added possibility to change media-framework when available - by Micky GMouse
you can switch between eplayer3/gstreamer in settings if you're using image which supports it
updated Polish translations - by Micky GMouse
make play/pause work consistently across images

- this version introduces more changes and it's not fully tested therefore is marked as beta. In case there will be no reported issues beta suffix will be removed.
subssupport v1.5.0 beta

added subssupport downloader plugin
now you can search and download subtitles without opening mediaplayer
added to Plugins and Extensions menu (blue button)
attempt to fix compatibility with DMM images
updated slovak locales
main menu screen
added "Search Subtitles" option for more direct reach
choose subtitles screen
removed "Search Subtitles" option
added "Choose from download history" option (yellow button)
ipk enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediaplayer2_0.57_20150204_all .ipk
ipk enigma2-plugin-extensions-subssupport_1.5.0_20150219_all .ipk